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Hi Friends and Family! Welcome to our wedding website!

We are very excited to share our special day with all of you as we Tie the Knot on August 22, 2015 in Tuxedo Park, NY.

This site will keep you up-to-date with information surrounding our upcoming nuptials.

We encourage you to come back often, as we will be adding new details, engagement photos and itinerary updates as we get closer to the big day!

Him & Her. Their Happy Story!


Kristen Murray


Kristen and Doug met back in 2005 when they were starting out in their first post-college office jobs at Verizon Wireless. Kristen noticed Doug immediately upon entering her new hire training. Her friends asked about how the new job was going, but not much was said other than the details surrounding the Patrick Dempsey (“Dr. McDreamy”) look alike who sat only four cubicles away. They started talking shortly after that, and continued to see each other at happy hours. On Valentine’s Day of 2006, Doug finally made the first move and left flowers on Kristen’s desk at the office, but no name was on the card. Kristen was determined to find out who her secret admirer was. She quickly put two and two together when Doug approached her in the elevator at the end of the day with a big smile. They went out on their first official date after that, and the rest is history…

It’s hard to believe the spark of an office romance, would bring us to where we are today. Nine years later, and we haven’t missed a beat. To say we cannot imagine our lives without each other is an understatement. Together, we bring out the best qualities in each other. On the surface we may seem different, but it’s those differences that have enhanced our lives and still bring the butterflies after all of these years. It’s a balance that is hard to put into words, but in the simplest of terms- it just works. We have become better people through our shared love and support, and are so thankful to have found each other. We also couldn’t ask for a better group of friends and family members to be by our sides as we enter the next chapter of our lives.

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Doug Jacobs


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till the happy event!

The Happy Couple's Parents

her mother

Helen Murray

her father

Ray Murray

«   hers   &   his   »

his mother

Gail Jacobs

his father

Robert Jacobs

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Kelly Maher

Maid of Honor: Kelly isn’t just Kristen’s sister, but also her best friend. She is also the mother of Kristen’s Goddaughter Annie, and Doug’s Godson Fitzpatrick. Kelly and her husband Phil live in Baltimore, MD, and have a house in Bethany Beach, DE which will be the site of Kristen’s Bachelorette party this summer!


Justin Dvorkin

Best Man: Doug and Justin have been best friends since grade school. They grew up together playing hockey and kept in touch even when they went off to different colleges. Justin is a restaurant and brewery owner in Baltimore, MD. He recently got married to his beautiful wife, Aimee in June of 2014, where Doug served as his best man.

Sara Frattone

Bridesmaid & Best Friend of the Bride: Sara and Kristen were placed together as random roommates the first year of Ithaca College and have been best friends ever since. Sara recently got married in October of 2014, and currently lives in Arlington, VA with her husband Chris.


Hale Abramson

Groomsman: Hale and Doug have known each other since they were young. They met in the 8th grade through Justin, and were friends ever since. They also both attended the same college at Susquehanna University.

Jess Harrison

Bridesmaid & Best Friend of the Bride: Jess and Kristen met Freshman year of Ithaca College and also have been best friends ever since. Jess and her boyfriend Tim recently purchased their first home together in Albany, NY. Their dog Sophie also is BFF with Kristen and Doug’s Chihuahuas, Keelah and Zoey.


Tony Romeo

Groomsman: Doug and Tony have been friends for years. They both attended the same high school at St. Joseph’s and also ended up going to the same college at Susquehanna University. He also lives in Northern, NJ near Kristen and Doug.

Jane Johnson

Bridesmaid & Best Friend of the Bride: Jane and Kristen met Freshman year of Ithaca College and also have been best friends since (sense a theme here?). Jane is a new mother to her beautiful girl, Ellen Grace. She currently lives in Boston, MA, with her husband Chuck.


Phil Maher

Groomsman: Phil is Doug’s future Brother-in-Law, and husband to Kristen’s sister, Kelly. Doug has known Phil ever since he married Kelly, and both have been a part of the family ever since. Doug and Phil have a unique bond and both can relate to each other, as they are each partnered up with a “Murray Sister.”


Evan Dvorkin

Groomsman: Evan is Justin’s younger brother and Doug has known him for almost his entire life. He currently lives in Baltimore, MD with his girlfriend Meg, and works with Justin in the restaurant and brewery business.

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The Ceremony


22nd of August 2015




St. Mary’s-in-Tuxedo

St. Mary’s-In-Tuxedo Church not only serves as a place of worship, but is considered a historical landmark of Tuxedo Park, dating back to 1888. Its craftsmanship, architecture and beautifully stained glass windows are an important part of the church’s heritage and community. The stained glass of St. Mary’s is an impressive collection of work by major American Art Glass Studios including Louis Comfort Tiffany, John La Farge and Charles Lamb. The variety of art glass making techniques are exemplified in the works found throughout the church including fine portrait painting on glass.

Additional Information:Transportation will be provided to the Church for overnight guests staying at the Park Ridge Marriott. Stay tuned for more details on departure times and our full wedding day itinerary.

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The Reception


22nd of August 2015


Immediately Following the Ceremony


The Tuxedo Club

After a pretty exhaustive hunt of potential venues, we finally arrived at The Tuxedo Club. We immediately knew our long search was over when we stepped foot on the property. This private club is actually a historical site situated on Lake Tuxedo in the beautiful gated community of Tuxedo Park. The unparalleled grounds have made it a destination for major social events since 1886. Another special feature of the club, includes the various photographic options available within the mansion and along the lake. With weather on our side, cocktail hour will take place on the outdoor terrace with steps down to the Great Lawn and a short walk to the Boathouse or the lake itself. The Reception will be held in the Main Ballroom.

Fun Fact: It was at the Tuxedo Club, that the short dinner jacket was introduced for the first time in North America, and became known as the “Tuxedo Jacket.”

Additional Information: Reception will follow immediately after the Ceremony. For guests staying at the Park Ridge Marriot, transportation will be provided from the Church to The Tuxedo Club. The venue is about a 5 minute ride from the Church. Transportation will be provided back to the Park Ridge Marriott at the end of the evening following the Bride and Groom’s sparkler exit.

The Tuxedo Club

One West Lake Road

Tuxedo Park, NY 10987

Where to Stay

For your comfort and convenience, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Park Ridge Marriott. For overnight guests of this hotel, transportation will be provided to the church, the reception and back to the hotel. It is our priority that everyone has a fun, safe time, so we’d love for everyone to stay the night and take advantage of the shuttle services available! IMPORTANT: Please book your room no later than July 22nd to secure a room and receive the Murray-Jacobs Wedding Block rate.

Park Ridge Marriott

300 Brae Boulevard

Park Ridge, NJ 07656


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